Crawford County, Ohio


School Records

Galion High School
Class of 1886


source:  The Spy, 1917 (Galion High School Yearbook)


*The above mentioned source yearbook contained an alumni directory.  Residence information is based on location at the time of this particular publication.

Gertie Busch-Bugg ... Cleveland, OH

Maud Campbell Closkey ... Cleveland, OH

Lucy Finical - deceased Lovie Hosford-Roadhouse ... Roadhouse, IL
Edward Jourdan - deceased Clara Kopp - deceased
Frank Krohn ... Hensdale, IL  [industrial manager] Daisy Langendefer ... Shelby, OH
Charles Linsley ... Phoenix, AZ Lizzie Morrison-Wineland ... Elkhart, IN
Mary Miller ... Marion, OH  [Artist] May Osborne - deceased
Bernice Osborne-Collins ... Detroit, MI Etta Sames - deceased
Luella Tracht ... Galion, OH Belle Wooley-Joyce ... Cleveland, OH

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