The spelling of Worden seems to vary. These pictures were all found in my motherís box of family pictures but they are not identified. The purpose of all this is to determine Katherineís name, place of birth, parents names. I have tried many avenues but it just keeps coming back to this Joseph Warden in Galion (born in PA). The only clue to her age is that she married in 1880. I would also hope to find out who are in the other three pictures. I know this is complicated, but I hope you and others can help me with this Worden(sp) family.

This is info I have on photographers in Galion, Ohio in regards to the pictures that I am sending to you. Lewis Lobenthal was a photographer in Galion from 1885-1897. You can see his name on two of the pictures.

1-The picture of the older lady was taken by J.H. Mclntire, and he was in Galion from 1888-1889, Bucyrus 1896-97 and Crestline 1896-97. Her picture was taken at the Galion studio.

2-The small picture of Joseph Wardon (sp) was taken in Bucyrus and says "east end of Quinby block". My mother wrote on the back of Josephís picture: "My motherís father (lrish) in Galion Ohio where my Mother was born".

I find that a Catherine Warden was listed in the 1870 census, Crawford County, Ohio Galion, Polk Twp as Worden, Catherine, Age 7. Father Joseph C. Warden and mother Mary (Mary Jane Ross), and she could possibly be my "Katherine".

I have my motherís death certificate and it states that her Mother was Katherine J. Warden. The other info I have regarding Katherine was in the 1920 census of Tulsa OK where my mother states that her mother was born in Ohio. This Katherine married my grandfather, Alexander Crawford in Jay Co, Indiana in 1880. I have a copy of the marriage license at that time the bride was not required to give any info other than her name which she gave as "Katie" Warden.

3 - The pictures of two children and one of a woman with a baby includes my maternal grandmother Katherine J Worden. They were taken in Indiana. How did she get from Ohio to Indiana? Maybe her family moved, or she came with a sibling?

If you can help add information to identify these pictures, please contact:

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