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Posted Queries for July 1999


FRALICK posted by Mary Emma Allen on Thursday, July 1, 1999

FRALICK line. Does anyone have FRALICK's who come from Rhinebeck/Red Hook in Dutchess Co., NY or in nearby Columbia Co? Mine were Palatines who came over in 1710 and settled in Dutchess Co. Mary Emma Allen

ECKSTEIN, SMITH, WEISER, WINFIELD posted by Suzanne Weiser on Friday, July 2, 1999

Are there any WINFIELD or ECKSTEIN families in Crawford Co., OH especially around the Galion area. Believe a Charles SMITH married into the WINFIELD family at the turn of the century. (Charles L SMITH son of Alfred married 2-1-1910 Emma WINFIELD daughter of Hezekiah; Wm WEISER son of Jacob married 3-6-1905 Anna E WINFIELD daughter of Hezekiah. Need help finding someone else researching these families. Suzanne

CLOSE, GREEN, ZEIGLER posted by Glenda Argo on Saturday, July 3, 1999

ZEIGLER - GREEN - CLOSE According to a letter from Harvey CLOSE, Atty., in Plankton, Ohio dated October, 1897, Mr. ? ZEIGLER "has paid cash" for land in Crawford Co., (Lykens twp?) Ohio. The land was part of the estate of Matthew GREEN Sr. who died in March, 1897. At public auction "H." ZEIGLER and "G." ZEIGLER purchased mdse., etc. Is anyone researching ZEIGLER or GREEN families in Crawford Co.? Glenda Argo

HUBER, MOLLENKOPF, PFEIFER, SCHIRM posted by Albert E. Good on Saturday, July 3, 1999

I am trying to trace my wife's MOLLENKOPF lineage: Christian MOLLENKOPF children: 1 - Elizabeth born 5 Dec. 1838 Wyandot, OH married Martin SCHIRM 3 May 1857 died 14 Jan. 1918; 2 - Mary born 2 Nov. 1840 Whetstone Twp., Crawford Co., OH married Gottleib PFEIFER 1859 died 23 Aug. 1911; 3 - Christina born. 7 Mar. 1842 Wyandot, OH married Gottleib HUBER d. ? Trying to find - for Christian: names of parents, date and place of birth - (probably in Germany) and wifes name - and date and place of marriage, date and place of death, place of burial Thank you for your help. Al Good

CLAPPER, DECKER, MCNEAL, ORWEILER, ORWILER, PARCHER, WAITE posted by Patricia Kantzer on Saturday, July 3, 1999

Benjamin PARCHER born 31 Dec 1784, Maine died 26 May 1869 Liberty Twp. Crawford County Ohio married to Mary/Polly WAITE born about 1795, New York died after 1870, Crawford Co Ohio. Their children: 1. Susan born 14 Aug 1815, New York died 25 Jul 1895, Crawford Co OH married 6 Jan 1836 to Samuel CLAPPER; 2. Margaret born 1 Jun 1816, New York died 28 Feb 1896, Cornell IL married 9 Jun 1838 to Martin DECKER; 3. Lucy born 6 Mar 1821, died young; 4. Daniel born 13 Sep 1822, Crawford Co OH died 22 Dec 1877, Crawford Co OH married 10 Jul 1845 to Mary Ann MCNEAL; 5.Mary Waite born 23 Jul 1826, Crawford Co OH died 1 Sep 1870 Crawford Co married 14 Dec 1843 to George MCNEAL; 6. Maria born 10 Aug 1828 Crawford Co married 19 Dec 1850 to John ORWEILER/ ORWILER; 7. John born 13 Mar 1831 Crawford Co, died young; 8. Samuel born 11 Oct 1833 Crawford Co died 21 Aug 1901; 9. Sarah born 25 Jul 1837 Crawford Co died by 1850. Does anyone know who Mary Waite's parents were? Patricia Kantzer

SHAWBER posted by PAS Shutt on Sunday, July 4, 1999

Does anyone have info on a Solomon SHAWBER. I would believe he had to be born in the late 1700s or in the 1800s. Thanks a lot! Paula


I am interested in corresponding with anyone related in any way to the HEISER family of Crawford County Ohio. Parents are David HEISER born 1801 and wife Anna SCHMIDT born 1804. Children include George HEISER born 1831 married Maria Anna BRIEGEL born 1836; David HEISER born 1833 married Sophia BRILLHART born 1837; and Catherine HEISER married June 13, 1859 Henry BAUER. If any one needs help with John ZUCKER married Augusta KOEHLER; John KNIERIEMEN married Rosetta KOEHLER; or Paulina GOETZ married Frederick FISHER I can provide a nearly complete list of descendants of all.

ALBRIGHT, FOSTER, TUCKER posted by Mary Ellen Martin on Tuesday, July 6, 1999

I am searching for info on my great grandfather, Martin V. FOSTER, born 1836 Crawford Co. OH, died Jan. 21, 1875 Miami Co. IN. I found him in the 1850 Crawford Co. census living with Joseph and Hannah ALBRIGHT family. He married Nancy A. TUCKER on Dec. 18, 1861 in Carroll Co. IN. We have a copy of his original Civil War Discharge paper which shows when and where he was born. That is our only clue to his life before he came to IN. Will share info. Mary Ellen Martin

SNYDER, SPRING posted by Karen Adams on Thursday, July 8, 1999

SPRING, SNYDER David A. SPRING and Margaret SNYDER, 1880 Crawford Co. census with children Augusta, William, Alva and Oliver. Looking for Alva born 1876 , Crawford Co? Augusta and William were born Richland County. This family moved to KS in 1881. Thanks, Karen

BIBER, BIEBER, BRETZ, GAA, KANTZER, PETERSILGE, UNGER posted by Patricia Kantzer on Monday, July 12, 1999

John Breckenridge KANTZER, born 3 May 1858, McZena, Ashland Co OH died 20 married 1919 Bucyrus, Crawford Co OH married on 4 Jan 1883 Crawford Co OH to Elizabeth BIEBER/BIBER born 10 Dec 1860 New Washington, Crawford Co OH died 14 Jul 1953 South Bend, IN. Their children were: 1. Edith Lorena born 19 Jan 1884, Wayne Co OH died 29 Nov 1967 South Bend IN married to William UNGER; 2. Clarence LeRoy born 22 May 1885 Wayne Co Oh died 17 Nov 1965 Bucyrus, Crawford Oh married on 8 May 1912 Crawford Co OH to Augusta Pearl PETERSILGE; 3. Martha Matilda born 23 Apr 1892, McZena, Ashland Co OH died 1976 South Bend IN married to Nevin BRETZ; 4. Barbara Christina KANTZER born 2 Mar 1899, McZena, Ashland Co OH died 1992 Phoenix AZ married to Donald C. GAA. Is anyone researching the KANTZER or BIEBER families of Crawford Co or Ashland Co OH? or anywhere else? Patricia Kantzer

JACOBS, LEPPERT, PFEIFER posted by Sheila Kratzer on Monday, July 12, 1999

I am searching for information on the parents and siblings of William JACOBS who married Catherine LEPPERT in Crawford Co, OH on 18 Oct 1868. William was born 1837-1840 in OH. He moved to Putnam Co, OH between 2 July 1870 and 11 Feb 1873. Possible mother is Mary b. abt 1797 in PA. Father probably died before 1850. Possible siblings are: 1. Henry JACOBS who married Mary PFEIFER in Crawford Co on 11 Aug 1853. He died 27 May 1857 and is buried in Smith Cemetery in Jefferson Twp. 2. George JACOBS b. 2 Jan 1832 m. Mary J LEPPERT on 6 Jan 1861 in Crawford Co. He died 8 May 1908 and is buried in Biddle Cemetery. 3. Daniel JACOBS b. 1834 4. Andrew b. 1839 Does anyone have any information on this family? Sheila Kratzer

CARR, WINNER posted by Fred Winner on Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Researching Ellis WINNER and wife Mary CARR WINNER. Both lived in Bucyrus, Ohio, Crawford Co. and both buired in 'Friends Cemetary' (Quaker) north of Bucyrus

ELLIS, WINNER posted by Fred Winner on Wednesday, July 14, 1999

I am looking for decendants of ELLIS WINNER (10/23/1812 - 6/24/1901) and his wife, Mary WINNER (4/12/1815 - 4/5 /1884) who moved to Bucyrus, Ohio in 1864 from Williamsport, Pa along with 9 children: 1. Sarah Ann 2/28/1841 - 10/24/1921 2. Martha Jane 4/23/1842 - 4/30/1916 3. Lewis 9/17/1843 - 5/29/1911 4. Charles H 12/30/1845 - 5/7/1921 5. Henry Cain 6/3/1848 - 12/3/1914 6. Samuel (Lemuel) 5/9/1852 - 11/25/1906 7. Simon Peter 1/16/1854 - 4/21/1914 8. Andrew C. 2.27.1850 - 3/26/1913 9. Daniel Webster 4/7/1856 - 10/24/1936 Both Ellis and Mary WINNER are buried in the 'Friends' Quaker Cemetary just nort of Bucyrus in Crawford County, Ohio. There seems to be no WINNER families still living in the Bucyrus area as of July 1999. I would appreciate any contacts concerning the WINNER family. Fred P Winner

AMANN, BADER, JAMISON, JONES, RILEY, SNIDER posted by Dale Amann on Thursday, July 15, 1999

I am trying to locate the death certificate for Eminda (RILEY) BADER, wife of Paul BADER. Eminda was baptized "Mariam", so she could have gone by the name "Mary/Marian" as well. She was born 7 Sep 1896, the daughter of Susan Ida Sunday JONES RILEY and Michael Francis RILEY, the sister of Elizabeth Ann RILEY AMANN and the half-sister of Ethel Clorance JONES JAMISON. According to obits. I have for Elizabeth (died 1971) and Ethel (died 1951), Eminda and Paul were residents of Mansfield at those times. Supposedly after Eminda died (my mother-in-law thought it was 1971, but the Ohio Dept. of Health didn't locate anything), Paul married a Mrs. Dorothy SNIDER. He had two children, a boy and a girl, but I don't know if they were children of Paul and Eminda, or Dorothy's children. I did locate two "Paul BADER" deaths from Social Security, in Galion, for 1996 and 1967, and two "Dorothy BADER" deaths in Galion for 1998 and 1996, but don't know if there is a connection. Is there someone who might be able to either check the cemetery in Galion for Eminda (probably the Catholic Cemetery first), or the county offices for a death certificate? Thank you. Ms. Dale Amann

MCNEAL, PARCHER, TRAUTMAN, WAITE posted by Patricia Kantzer on Saturday, July 17, 1999

George MCNEAL born about 8 Aug 1822, Huntington Co PA died 2 Nov 1895 Crawford County OH married 14 Dec 1843 Crawford Co OH to Mary WAITE PARCHER born 23 Jul 1826 Bucyrus, Crawford Co OH died 1 Sept 1870, Crawford Co OH. Their children were: 1. Catharine married to George TRAUTMAN, 2. O.L., 3. Maggie, 4. Hulda, 5. Della, 6. Mary Jane, 7. Charlotte. Anyone connect to this family? Patricia Kantzer

BATTEFELD, BIEBER, SLOUGH, UTZ, WALTERS posted by Patricia Kantzer on Monday, July 19, 1999

Johann Conrad BIEBER, born 10 Nov 1794, Germany died 17 May 1873 Cranberry Twp., Crawford Co OH was married to Christina Ema UTZ, bn 2 Jan 1799, Germany died 19 Sept 1879 Cranberry twp. Crawford Co OH. Their children were: 1. Joahnn Jacob bn 9 Apr 1829, Grubenbach, O.A. Hilbron, Wurttemberg, Germany died 5 Dec 1912, Bucyrus, Crawford Co OH was married 17 Apr 1855, Crawford Co OH to Christina Catharina WALTERS; 2. Helena Fredricka who maried Leonard SLOUGH; 3. Christina who married Lewis BATTEFELD; 4. Johann Christian; 5. Johann Gottlieb; 6. Mary Do you connect to this family? Patricia Kantzer

DAVIS, DENZER, GOSHORN, MCNEAL, PALMER, PARCHER, WAITE, YOUNG posted by Patricia Kantzer on Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Alexander B MCNEAL born 1790 Huntington Co PA died about 1865 Crawford Co OH was married to Jane GOSHORN, born in PA and died in Crawford Co Ohio. Their children: 1. George born 8 Aug 1822 Huntington Co PA died 2 Nov 1895 Crawford Co OH married to Mary WAITE PARCHER; 2. James L born 2 Jun 1828 died 5 Jun 1904; 3. Alex P born 2 Jun 1828 died 28 Mar 1912; 4. Joshua born 2 Apr 1825 married Loett PALMER; 5. Mary MCNEAL; 6. Matilda married to Jacob DENZER; 7. Margaret born 14 Mar 1832 died 28 Jul 1905; 8. Eleanor married to Daniel YOUNG; 9. Susan married to James DAVIS; 10. Eliza Ann married to William YOUNG. Would like to know more about this family and does anyone have their ancestors? Patricia Kantzer

CAHILL, CUMMINS, GEBHART posted by Carol Schmalenberger on Friday, July 23, 1999

Abraham CAHILL was an attorney who graduated from Wittenberg College in Springfield, OH class of 1855, then studied law with Osborn of Dayton, OH. He was born __ __ 1830 at Bucyrus, OH, to Richard Wallace and Eliza (CUMMINS) CAHILL. While in Dayton he lived with a Wittenberg classmate and married Gebhart's relative, L[ucinda] Catherine GEBHART (Montgomery County, OH, license issued July 25, 1861). Tragically, Abraham (1830-1868), an attorney, and his wife L(ucinda) Catherine GEBHART (1835-1864) of Dayton died young, both of consumption. Abraham CAHILL and his wife are buried at Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, OH,on Augustus Gebhart's lot with many other Gebharts. Buried with Abraham and Catherine is a Richard W. CAHILL who died September 20, 1884 at age 22y 2mo. He was born in Dayton, OH, according to the Montgomery Co Death Records. Is this their son? Did they have other children? Abraham's death record says he was married. Did he marry a second time? The GEBHART genealogy by Julia Hagwood of Dayton, OH, is silent on both issues. Carol Schmalenberger, Pittsburg, CA

ALBINO, BOLINGER, ORTH, OTT, ROWE posted by Carol Schmalenberger on Friday, July 23, 1999

OTT, Hamilton A__ was born Feb 11, 1855 at Dola, Hardin Co. OH to J___ G___ OTT and his wife Elizabeth ORTH. He went to Wittenberg College in Springfield, OH, as a student from Bucyrus, OH, and graduated with the class of 1879 and from the Lutheran seminary there in 1881. He married Lydia A. ROWE, Oct 4, 1881 at Springfield, OH, and had Gertrude born 1883 married BOLINGER and Grace born 1890 married ALBINO, and perhaps one other? In 1905 mother Elizabeth OTT living in household. OTT died Mar 28 1923 in Topeka, KS. Information needed: 1) Father's full name 2) Other children? 3) Burial place? KS? Thanks for any help you can provide. Carol Schmalenberger, Pittsburg, CA

CAHILL, JULLIARD posted by Carol Schmalenberger on Friday, July 23, 1999

David C__ CAHILL, of Liberty Corners, OH, spent five years studying at Wittenberg College in Springfield, OH but did not graduate (listed only as freshman). He became a lawyer and Clerk of Court in Crawford Co, OH. A Crawford County marriage record states that a David C. CAHILL married Anna Estelle JULLIARD on Sep 16, 1875. David CAHILL died 1915 May 08 in Crawford Co, OH. Questions: 1) When was he born? 2) Was he born in Crawford County? 3) Is his middle name Cummins? 4) Where is Liberty Corners? 5) Marriage in 1875: Is this the same David CAHILL? Seems a little old, or is this a second marriage? 6) Law education: did he read with a local lawyer or go to another school? 7) Any military service? 8) Church affiliation/ denomination. (Wittenberg is a Lutheran school) Any help will be appreciated! Carol Schmalenberger, Pittsburg, CA

CAHILL, CUMMINS, RICHARDS, SHOEMAKER posted by Carol Schmalenberger on Friday, July 23, 1999

CAHILL, R(ichard) Wallace, Esq. of DeKalb, OH, graduated from Wittenberg College, Springfield, OH, with the class of 1878. He read law in Norwalk, OH, and became a prosecuting attorney and Common Pleas judge in Henry County, OH. R. Wallace CAHILL was born near Tiro, OH on April 22, 1851, son of Richard Wallace and Catherine RICHARDS CAHILL. He married Jennie M. SHOEMAKER in 1884 and they had four daughters. He died Dec 28, 1932 at Cleveland, OH, and is buried at Napoleon. Questions: 1) Was his mother a second wife of Richard Wallace CAHILL? 2) When and where was he married? 3) Names, birthdates, married names of the four daughters? 4) Any military service? 5) Church affiliation/denomination? 6) Was he a half brother of Abraham CAHILL and David C. CAHILL whose father is Richard Wallace CAHILL, but whose mother is Eliza CUMMINS? Or is he a nephew? Repitition of names tangles the web! I would appreciate any help you can offer! Carol A. Schmalenberger, Pittsburg, CA

BARTLETT, HEISS, HISE, KLINE, KUNKEL posted by Joan Bancroft on Saturday, July 24, 1999

I have the divorce, in 1836, of John HISE/HEISS and Eva KUNKEL in Crawford County. Elizabeth KLINE (married woman) is named correspondent. I am interested in Elizabeth KLINE's marriage or divorce which probably took place in Crawford Co. I find a John HISE and Eliza in the 1860 Lincoln Co. MO census. It lists John, 64 born PA, Eliza, 56 born PA and Mana BARTLETT 10 born MO. This John HISE is the correct age to be the former husband of Eva KUNKEL. Any information about this KLINE family would be most appreciated. Joan HISE Bancroft

HARFORD, PARCHER, WAITE posted by Patricia Kantzer on Saturday, July 24, 1999

Does anyone know anything more about this family? Daniel PARCHER, christened 9 May 1756, Second Congregational Church, Scarborough Maine died Apr 1808 Waterbury, Vermont was married to Patience HARFORD, born 1763, Scorborough, Maine died 18 Jul 1830 Carwford County OH. Their children were: 1. Benjamin born 31 Dec 1784, Maine, died 26 May 1869, Liberty Twp. Crawford County, OH married to Mary/Polly WAITE 2. Simeon, born 1788 3. Samuel born 8 Sep 1791 4. John born about 1796 died 25 Aug 1829, Crawford Co Oh 5. Asenath born 8 Mar 1799 6. George born 1800 7. Ice born 30 Jan 1803 8. Lyman born 1806 Patricia Kantzer

YARMAN posted by Sharon Young on Saturday, July 24, 1999

I am looking for a birth record for Rosa Delphene YARMAN born 4 March 1915. I believe she was born in Crestline. I would like to get an uncertified copy of her birth record. Rosa is my deceased mother-in-law. I live in San Antonio Texas. I am willing to exchange research for the following counties: Bexar, Guadalupe, or Comal Counties. Thanks. Sharon Young

HELLER posted by John Gunder on Tuesday, July 27, 1999

I have been informed that there was a HELLER Cemetery that was plowed under in 1945 I am not sure if this was a family HELLER plat on a farm or a abandoned cemetery. I am looking for the cemetery where John Adam HELLER was buried and any other information that may pertain to him. It is thought that John Adam HELLER died in 1860. This man was my GGGgrandfather. I have some of his children be willing to share. John Gunder

DITTY, MANN, NEFF, NUNGESSER, RETTIG, SCHERER, WEIMER posted by David Nungesser on Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Phillip Peter NUNGESSER married Elizabeth Barbara SCHERER, Auerbach, Germany, Jan.1787. Sons Tobias, born 1789; Frederick, born 1793; George, born 1803, all in Auerbach. 2. Frederick married Christina Elizabeth. WEIMER in Auerbach, 1822. 3. About 1830, Frederick and brother Tobias came to U.S. with Frederick's children Peter [1823-1891] and Christian NUNGESSER, first to Franklin Co., PA for about five years where third son George A. NUNGESSER born. Family then came to Crawford Co., OH about 1835, near Galion. 4. Son Peter NUNGESSER married Attalina [aka Delia, Delila] DITTY [1839-1925] in Crawford Co. 5. They had son George Washington NUNGESSER [1861-1932], who married Barbara RETTIG, [1869-1932] in Crawford Co.; both died in Crestline. 6. They had son Edward Joseph NUNGESSER [1889-1967] who married Melitta C. NEFF [1890-1966] in Crestline. 7. They had son Wilbur Neff NUNGESSER [1913-- ], married Mary Elma MANN [1917-1972]. Would be happy to share information with anyone connected with this family! Thank you -- David NUNGESSER

NUNGESTER posted by Carol Schmalenberger on Tuesday, July 27, 1999

I need information on a John Franklin NUNGESTER who would have been born around 1875, but had been living in Van Wert, OH. Ever come across this spelling? Carol S.

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